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Here you will find a list of this blog's authors and their current project information. You can find links to their works pages and personal blogs here as well. Works pages are updated regularly by their corresponding authors.

Bethany's Projects:
Bethany is currently in the process of writing a five book fantasy series entitled 'The Redemption Chronicles: Tales of Eiraeth" She is at the moment working on the rewrite of the first book in the series: "Visions, Reign of the Dark". While she works on completing this main project, she is currently writing on two blogs and working on developing some guest posts. She may occasionally post the random thought, poem or idea in the main posts area, so be sure to look out for that.
To read a synopsis of her book, "Visions, Reign of the Dark" please visit her at the following link:
To inquire about becoming a Beta Reader, please email her at lightofthefallen.blog@gmail.com.

Anne's Projects:
Anne has recently finished the rough draft of her first novel A Spy's Adventure but she discovered she could not move on without researching first. This she plans on self-publishing in the future. In addition, she has her own blog, in which she is working on a story in the form of letter writing titled The Adventures of Tammy Poe. This follows a Private Investigator commissioned to find his client's missing sister, who is the legendary Private Investigator Tammy Poe. 
If you wish, you will find the first six letters here. Over on my blog, you will find updates on my novel, as well as a character list (any info provided may be subject to change leading up to but not exceeding Publication), here.

Amaris' Projects:
Due to the strenuous nature of writing books, Amaris has found that breaking up chapters into short stories is a good way to trick your mind into thinking that they're not actually writing a book. The beginning of two teen novels is well under way, one titled The Star Chronicles, which is a mixture of mythology, fantasy, and astronomy, and the other is an action series following an FBI agent named Fallon Whitney called The Converse Records.

James' Projects:
James has been writing ever since 2nd grade, but until the past year he’s never done it for anything but schoolwork. However, since he’s joined the Young Writer’s Workshop, he’s discovered a love of writing that he never realized he had. Besides posting on his personal blog on and off, he enjoys writing for Writers of Elysian. His favorite subject to write about is technology and how-to’s, but more and more he finds himself writing about other topics, including writing itself.

Emma's Projects:
Emma is currently working on a book called "Too Comfortable" that compliments the book "Do Hard Things". It talks about how God calls us to be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel. The gospel calls us to be different from the world and get outside of our comfort zones in order to share the gospel. Emma's blog is toocomfortableblog.wordpress.com. She writes non-fiction and loves to teach Gods word and study it. She posts every Tuesday and Friday. She is working on several articles to have posted as guest posts on other sites.

Karissa's Projects:
Karissa Bird has been writing her whole life, but has recently begun writing seriously. She is working on a fictional fantasy book for her first time, called “Land Uncharted.” She is guarding the first draft with her life, but if you want to read it, just ask. Ultimately she longs to be an author who has published both a fictional series and a nonfictional teen inspirational book called “This is Life: Seeking Adventure in the Teen Years.” She updates weekly about her life and pours out her heart on her blog here.

Natalie's Projects:
Natalie is currently working on her second book, "The Adventures of Skylar Morgan". With this fictional story, her hope and prayer is the ability to shed some light on the autism spectrum through the eyes of  an autistic person with situations based off of her own experiences. On top of this new writing project, and writing for Writers Of Elysian, she's currently working on selling her first book, A World Through Autistic Eyes  and writing on her personal blog, Across The Spectrum where she posts both articles, poems, and anything else that is close to her heart.

Arella's Projects:
Arella has been an avid story teller since the moment she was decided to (finally) start speaking. After figuring out the correct way to hold a pencil, she began writing those stories down, first as a hobby and then as an investment towards a career. These days, she's got a lot of projects, but the main masterpiece-in-progress is Mind Over Matter, the first of her superhero trilogy. It's Arella's main focus now, but she finds time to write various short stories, one of which she is hoping to enter into a contest in the coming weeks, as well as starting a blog, which you can check out here. She loves all kinds of writing, but fiction remains her steadfast passion.

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